Not Enough Land…or Too Many People?

NPG is a national non-profit membership organization founded in 1972. Our primary purpose is to educate the American public and elected officials regarding the damaging effects of overpopulation on our nation’s environment, resources, and quality of life. NPG advocates a smaller, truly sustainable United States population accomplished through smaller families and lower, more traditional immigration levels.

Our goal is to slow, halt, and eventually reverse U.S. population growth – eventually stabilizing at a size that is sustainable over the long term. The optimal population of approximately 150-200 million people (our nation’s size in 1970, which scientists agree was sustainable for our resources) will allow us to protect our fragile ecosystems, conserve our finite resources and ensure a livable America for future generations.

NPG promotes our mission through a wide variety of educational and outreach programs.

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One thought on “Not Enough Land…or Too Many People?

  1. As I am British not American I’ll take a neutral stance on this issue with regard to your country, though you have a far lower population density than we have.

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