Orphaned Baby Mouse Loves the Girl Who Rescued Him

When you hear the word mouse or rat, you freak out right?! How most of us react to this is very interesting considering that we, as a society, have created the necessary environment for these animals to thrive and then we label them as vermin and pests, and ultimately kill them because they cause us issues? Where is the logic?!

I currently have 1 pet rat, down 3 from earlier this year. Rats are great companions and are smart, funny, cute and agile! They are, however, very susceptible to tumors and respiratory disease which can greatly affect their life span.

Rats are really no different than mice and are very special; contrary to how most people perceive them in relation to their wild cousins, who have a nasty reputation, given to them by humans and by the way (or environment) that some people live.

I hope this video warms your heart with compassion and empathy for this tiny life, but still a life, one that is deserving of love, respect, protection from harm and our understanding.

If you find these critters in your home, please don’t resort to violence. Instead I hope you will find a kind and humane way to relocate them safely.

🔗 House Mouse

🔗 Rodents & Exploitation


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