26 Seconds

While I was living at home, I already had in an interest and the awareness of buying cruelty free products. It wasn’t until after I became vegetarian a few years later that I got into the wise habit of reading labels on products — shoes, clothing, handbags, food — EVERYTHING! Sometimes I do slip up but it’s very rare.

I’m trying to wrap my brain around why our society is so accepting to buying products that come with a health risk? And products that have contributed to animal cruelty? Oh that’s right, the fact that they are tested on animals and APPROVED by the FDA makes it all better. If companies weren’t using chemicals to begin with, there would be no need for animal testing; but chemicals are cheap and that is all that matters. Well, that and profit of course.

If the products are made for us, we should test them on human subjects. Animal testing is not a reliable source of information, it is cruel, outdated, and an obscene waste of money and innocent lives. They use many different kinds of animals in many cruel tests to determine the outcome of how these ingredients will affect us?? Where is the logic??

Please, be aware of what you’re buying and supporting–make sure it aligns with your ethics.

🔗 Raw for Beauty

🔗 Cruelty Cutter App

🔗 Companies & Animal Testing


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