FO Supplements & Overfishing

Do you take fish oil? Has your doctor insisted that you need to take fish oil gel caps? Yuck X2! Even if you aren’t vegetarian or vegan, there’s no reason why you have to take this disgusting stuff–unless you really like it? But I highly doubt this LOL.

You can get the same nutrition from plant-based sources without the fish! Although these products may be a bit more expensive than the popular ‘mainstream’ brands, if you are against over fishing, support sustainability or follow a plant-based lifestyle, then choosing plant-based is definitely the way to go. You can also find Omega 3 in flax seed or chia seed; these tend to be inexpensive.

Did you know that over fishing isn’t just about fish. It’s much more than that. Large nets are used to round up fish and countless non-target marine animals (dolphins, sea turtles, skates, rays, etc) that become trapped in this horrendous effort to fill the need of our taste buds–when it’s not necessary. There are plenty of plant-based seafood mock options that have gotten better with time, you just have to do research if this interests you.

There is also another major concern for marine wildlife: not all nets are retrieved from the ocean and are left to drift aimlessly in the sea, searching for victims. What a tragic waste and loss of life! Commercialized fishing is a heinous practice that contributes to immense suffering and destroys the environment, not to mention a health concern.

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3 thoughts on “FO Supplements & Overfishing

  1. I went to collect specimens from fishermen for my science class one day. It was very sad to see a lot of beautiful sea creatures got dumped into a trash can alive. So you are right.


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