Petition 路 George Brauchler: Save Our Dog Sophie from a Death Sentence 路

Update:聽Dec 6, 2015 鈥斅Hi everyone-聽Thank you all so very much for your continued support in our efforts to save Sophie. The DA offered us a deal that would spare Sophie, however there were many other conditions of the deal that could affect her safety and well being down the line. Our attorney has been in negotiations with the DA to take those parts out and have Sophie and I safe both now and in the future. We are scheduled to meet with the DA next week to sign the finalized version of the plea. We will be sure to post updates here and on our Facebook page. Thank you all again for your support, we would not have gotten here without all of you.

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2 thoughts on “Petition 路 George Brauchler: Save Our Dog Sophie from a Death Sentence 路

  1. Thank you Stacey Ann, for sharing this with your readers….Hugs
    I am having trouble with WordPress.. It freezes and stops and its not letting me post any petitions I’m hoping to get this straightened out soon! Because I’m on the lookout for a petition against the neighbor to have charges brought against him!!
    This is so wrong!!!

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    1. Of course! When I saw it I just had to share, it’s a sad shame! BSL is BS!! I hope this awful situation will be resolved soon with a justified outcome. Sorry that you’re having issues I wish I could help. I hope it is corrected soon. 鉂

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