The Hartz Files: Updates for 12/15/2015

Please share these stories to help others be aware. We should not be putting chemicals on our skin or our pets for that matter. The evidence is already out there in these stories that are being shared. Pets are dying because of the toxic poison in these products! Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? It takes only 26 seconds for chemicals to enter your bloodstream.

Even though this graphic is geared toward consumers using chemical-based products I think the same could be said about animals and chemical-based products, especially when the products are killing some of these animals.

Every animal is different so no two will react the same way, which is why some have been killed and some only injured and thankfully saved from the brink of death.

These products need to be banned and removed from store shelves! You can find them everywhere and so many people are not aware how dangerous they are.

You can help spread the word in your community when you order my flyers with the design shown above! See my guide if you need some tips on where to distribute these flyers.

🔗 The Hartz Files: Updates for 12/15/2015


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