How to properly take care of cats

A Vegan in Las Vegas

Hello everyone!

Today I’m here to talk about cats. Many people consider themselves happy that they get to share heir living spaces with a cat. However, I noticed that many people also don’t really know how to take care of the furry little creatures. I mean, they know the basics, but then wonder why their cats are destructive, skittish, or sometimes even aggressive.

Many of these problems can be solved with a bit of time and care. Of course, some cats have gone through hell and back, especially cats from shelters, that have previously been abused or not been properly socialized. These things are harder to fix but today I can help you with the small things that only need a little change. Let me start with this:

Litter boxes need daily cleaning!

Sadly, way too often I hear of other cat owners and how they clean their cat’s litter…

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