Eat Meat & Destroy the Planet


Visit the Cowspiracy website to learn how you can help.


4 thoughts on “Eat Meat & Destroy the Planet

  1. Great!!! But I guess this isn’t enough… last week I had an awful (and painful) quarrel with some office colleagues since I motivate my refusal to participate to parties where meat is served. They treated me as I was from outer space… That made me furious! But too many are small brained and even with many actions, many talk and explanations… I’m afraid they wont change. So sad… but I don’t give up. They can tear apart my propaganda on the pin-wall and throw away my PETA news… I keep doing what my heart suggest!
    All the best for the new year, dear Stacey Ann :-)claudine

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    1. Thanks for being a voice Claudine! It’s an uphill battle & will definitely take time if things ever do change. If we can change the minds of even a few, that is progress. I believe Mother Nature is showing her disgust about our choices thru the mind pounding abnormal & severe weather lately–many of historical proportions.

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  2. Great post and good comments from you and Claudine. I have strong views on the non-eating of animals and animal cruelty. But there are good people like us out there trying to do our bit. Happy New Year.


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