Tropical Hurricane in Late December at the North Pole? That’s Not Funny, That’s Fucked Up!

Exposing the Big Game

I understand if folks are getting tired of hearing about global warming or historic, record-breaking, weather events that crop up every few days. But you’d think a thousand-mile wide tropical hurricane invading and bringing rain to normally-frozen Arctic regions like the North Pole would be newsworthy, if only for what it portends for our future. Yet, a search of the subject produces almost nil in the way of useful information, as if the mainstream media is clueless or not allowed to talk about this with the general public for fear of causing a mass panic.

When I resorted to a local news source, I found they’d tried to turn it into a joke. Here’s what KOMO TV had to say about the situation:

“A storm that brought severe weather to the southeast over Christmas has moved out into the Atlantic, re-strengthened into another monster storm bearing down on Iceland…

“And has somehow managed to make it to where Santa’s elves at the North Pole are enjoying…

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