Marketing Company Touts Vegan as Growing Food Trend

This is great news and is definitely something I can relate to! The more mock meat & dairy-free options the better!

However, I think we have plenty of mock meat options to choose from at most fast food stops..can we spend some time & energy to implement some vegan milk & cheese options?!

I’d like to see some of my favorites get some competition:

Chipotle (shredded cheese)

Moe’s Southwest Grill (shredded cheese & queso)

Tropical Smoothie Cafe (cheese & dressings)

Qdoba (shredded cheese & queso)

I have been keeping track of Muufri‘s efforts but it’s going to be some time before their product hits the market & depending on where it hits it will take time to get around to everyone.

Source: Marketing Company Touts Vegan as Growing Food Trend | VegNews

Life or Lunch?

The Food Channel includes veganism as top 10 trend for 2016.

In collaboration with CultureWave and InternationalFood Futurists, marketing and research company The Food Channel identified “The New Vegan”—or consumers expecting “true personalization” when it comes to vegan options at fast-food establishments—as one of its top ten trends for 2016. According to the report, “restaurants have been scrambling to accommodate this and are essentially making their own rules. We’re also seeing companies trying to fill the vegan niche with vegan alcohols.” In line with the research, vegan fast-food options have seen a boom in 2015. This year alone, Wendy’s test-marketed new vegan burgers, Subway expanded its vegan options to 1,000 locations, and Taco Bell launched a customizable, certified veg menu. The trend is also apparent in the growing number of all-vegan establishments such as newly-opened Singapore-transplant VeganBurg, New York’s wildly popular soon-to-be chain by CHLOE, and

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