The Fear of Pain and Suffering

Dogpaddling Through Life

I recently read a paper published in 2010 by Oscar Horta University of Santiago de Compostela entitled, “Debunking the Idyllic View of Natural Processes: Population Dynamics and Suffering in the Wild.” (accessed through

Horta mentions that we have some romantic idea of what it must be like for animals to live in the wild and do not consider the suffering experienced with these animals, such as the pain of mating, giving birth, and dying.

IMG_5748 People want cute and happy. They don’t want to talk about pain, or hurt, or death.

It’s true, you know. Some of us humans are so hell-bent on animals not suffering that we inadvertently cause them greater suffering. So we fly animals cross-country to increase their odds of adoption and place them in sketchy rescues that turn out to be fronts for hoarders.

We feed wild animals such as birds, raccoons, and even bears, then wonder…

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