Sondra J. York

Rethinking Life

Collage by:  Gigi

Sondra,  also known as Happy,  loved rats and felt that they were terribly misunderstood.

“Certainly rats will eat garbage but that’s only because no one is feeding them proper food,” she told a reporter, who was interviewing her at her estate.

Sondra was quite wealthy, you see, and her rats were very well cared for.  They each had several small hats to wear when tea was served, or when guests stopped by.  Carol, a large brown rat, loved donuts.  All the rats loved donuts, of course, but Carol was the only one who liked donuts with pink frosting and sprinkles on top.  Beverly (lower right) could see much better, once she was given glasses, and Mabel, who adored rubies, did not like hats.

Sondra started THE BEAUTY OF RATS FOUNDATION many years ago and it was quite successful.  The Foundation distributed pamphlets and leaflets,  which described the…

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