Inside Tyson’s Hell: Why I Got Out of the Chicken Slaughter Business

Virgil Butler, a slaughterhouse worker turned vegetarian and animal rights activist, recounts the horrific abuse of chickens he witnessed in his 9 years working for Tyson.

In Memory of Virgil

3 thoughts on “Inside Tyson’s Hell: Why I Got Out of the Chicken Slaughter Business

  1. Lots of interesting posts Stacey Ann! I read with interest. If you are looking for more posts to reblog, I’d love it if you’d take a look at some of mine. The latest two are Persons not Property – Could the Tide be Turning, an upbeat review of progress made in the status of animals all around the world. And yesterday’s post, The True Cost of Drugs, is with reference to the volunteers who got so sick on clinical drug trials in France AFTER the drug had been comprehensively tested on animals. Very much in the news. Includes a video of animals in labs from Animal Aid and some useful links, Let’s get animals to the top of the agenda! 💕

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    1. Hey thank you again for the suggestions, sorry it took me so long been trying to sift through all my emails & get organized smh…those posts you mentioned are great, will definitely share! I left a comment on the post about the true cost of new drugs, can you let me know if you got it? I didn’t see it populate so not sure if it took, I’ve been having some issues lately. Also, somehow I wasn’t getting your posts but now I am subscribed! Thank you for helping to raise awareness!


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