Skinned and beheaded dog found outside of a Walmart store

A gruesome discovery was made outside of a Walmart retail store in Kitsap County, Washington, reported Wednesday’s KOMO News. On Tuesday, a Port Orchard Walmart employee was alerted to the presence of a skinned and headless small, male dog outside of the store.

According to the Kitsap Sun, the dog’s body was discovered in a parking lot near a wooded area near the store. In the early evening, the store employee reached out to Animal Control. It is unknown at this time if the dog was killed elsewhere and disposed of in the parking lot – a necropsy revealed that the dog, who weighed approximately 10 pounds, had been dead anywhere between two and five days.

There was no identifying information on the dog, who was believed to be one to two years of age. Animal Control is hoping to learn more about this disturbing situation. According to the Port Orchard Independent, Rebekah Johnson, with the Kitsap Humane Society, stated that the necrospy confirmed that the dog’s death was intentional, she stated, “A person did this.”

Anyone with information about the dog is asked to reach out to the Kitsap Animal Control at 360-692-6977, Ext. 1208 or 911.


SA: I strictly advocate that dogs should be supervised outside at ALL TIMES and that cats should be kept strictly inside at ALL TIMES.


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