Could the Tide be Turning?

Animalista Untamed

“The status of animals as property, means that, as a practical matter, animal suffering will be regarded as necessary whenever it benefits human property owners. If we really are to take animal interests seriously 

we can no longer treat animals as human resources.

Prof Francione puts it in a nutshell for us. If Animal Rights is about anything, it’s about changing the status of non-human animals in the eyes of society, and changing their status in law. Can anyone in 2016 still feasibly maintain there is no difference between the things we possess (cars, houses, furniture) and living breathing beings?  

Could the tide be turning? I do believe it is. We are witnessing a groundswell of public opinion against the subjugation and abuse of our fellow earth dwellers.

The European Union led the way in recognising animals as sentient – possessing a level of conscious awareness and able to…

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