The True Cost of New Drugs

Animalista Untamed

What links a Basil Fawlty filming location with the town of Rennes in France?

This sounds like the start of a joke, but sadly it is anything but. The scene where Sybil Fawlty goes to hospital was filmed at Northwick Park Hospital in London. Northwick Park is where in 2006, 6 healthy young men developed symptoms of major organ failure shortly after taking the new drug TGN1412 in a clinical trial.

Rennes is the scene of the latest clinical trial disaster. I offer my sincerest sympathies to the families of the 5 men so horribly affected in France. One man is reported to be brain dead and the others may suffer permanent damage. A true tragedy.

While there are some differences between the Northwick Six and the Rennes Five, what they share in common is that before they reached this clinical trials stage they were comprehensively tested on animals in laboratories. And were found to

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