Animal Advocacy at Dismaland – Banksy’s Abysmal Creation

Yesterday I visited the UK’s most disappointing theme park – Dismaland in Weston-super-Mare. This is a little different to your average family day out, urban street artist Banksy identifies creating it as an attempt to send an appropriate message to the next generation: “Sorry kids. Sorry about the lack of meaningful jobs, global injustice and Channel 5. The fairytale is over, the world is sleepwalking towards climate catastrophe, maybe all that escapism will have to wait.” On a grey, wet and miserable day which fitted the mood perfectly, everyone was eager to see this unique display of work from artists across the world, comprising an iconic display of anarchy. One of the unavoidable topics throughout the park was animal advocacy.

IMG_9343 Dismal day.

The first subject which was pretty difficult to avoid was orca captivity. From all the media hype of the past week, I was well aware of this but…

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