Dog dies after being forgotten for 15 hrs in cold SPCA van

A young dog, who was forgotten inside of an SPCA Cincinnati van for 15 hours, in the midst of cold weather, died last week, reported Wednesday’s WCPO News. The tragic incident took place after a 18-month-old pit bull was transferred from one shelter facility to another on January 14 – proper procedures were not followed and the dog was apparently forgotten.

By the time that the dog was discovered, the lack of heat had taken a deadly toll and the dog was described as hypothermic. Though the ailing dog was taken to a veterinarian, it was too late. Dr. Dave LeBourveau, SPCA Cincinnati Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, stated: “The pet was deemed to be hypothermic at the time and unresponsive to treatment, for that reason, the veterinarian…deemed that euthanasia would be the best outcome.”

On Wednesday, the shelter alerted its Facebook followers with the status of the investigation, “Our investigation into this tragedy is not yet complete. The results of the investigation will determine what further action needs to be taken.”

No employees lost their job, but four individuals have been disciplined. The deadly incident is being blamed on a lack of following proper protocol.



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