Beware: Kitten Killer Finds Them on Craigslist

Dover, DE (USA)

This guy just got out of jail after being committed for torturing/killing 19 cats in NJ. He is now in Delaware and several people on Facebook have said that they have already re-homed kittens with him. Please contact the Office of Animal Welfare (or call the cops – it is against the terms of his release!!) if he contacts or has contacted you about a cat or kitten.

Anthony Appolonia! He also goes by the names A. Smith and Michael Racanelli and lives in Dover near the Air Force Base.

His main means of transportation is DART and he will have you meet him somewhere along their route. He tells people that he has anxiety among other issues and says that his doctor suggested having a cat would be good therapy for him. He will even offer to pay a small re-homing fee.

He was convicted in the state of NJ for killing 19 cats!!! He is currently under investigation here in Delaware for the same thing. If he contacts you, please report him to the OAW.


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13 thoughts on “Beware: Kitten Killer Finds Them on Craigslist

  1. I hope this post gets people out there to realise that nor all people are good animal loving humans, some are just plain and simply evil – Let’s hope the police stop him before any more innocent animals are put into harm by him!

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    1. I hope he is found and thrown behind bars before he can hurt anymore babies and I just wish Craigslist would ban users from posting free pet ads, I’m just furious as to why they don’t seem to give a damn. If you can share to social media so others know. Thanks for the comment!

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  2. When I had pets I made sure a rehoming price was in place and i warned others to not give them away. They are tested on and used as bait for animal fighting. It is a disgrace.

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      1. I was warning of this a good 10 years ago. I would routinely hit various areas of CL and when I hit pets it was ridiculous. There are tons of flaggers there as well and crazy and naive people.

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      2. I hear you..I comb the free ads quite often and see plenty of pets for free, it really makes me hate people!! If CL really cared about the welare of animals, they would ban animal listings in the free classifieds. WTF is it going to take?!

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      3. Well they at this time only have paid ads for employers and I think that is it. I have craigs personal email and he is there in name only and has not been able to get the creepy 13 workers he has working from home to restore 2 of my accounts or take the 5 numbers I had to use to use as verification numbers that are not legally allowed to have them lock the number for more than 90 days and it has been 230 plus days.

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  3. This sick and evil human must be banned from having animals ever again!!! Animals are the best living beings on this planet. Our voices must be heard…we all have to speak up and fight for all the precious furbabies, they deserve no less!! We need an Animal Abuse Registry like they have for child abusers, I’ve been fighting for this thru petitions for years now and I don’t understand w all the horrific cruelty and abuse of animals that is happening WHY this has not been done!!! These evil and sick humans need to have done to them exactly what they do to animals!!! I believe all this cruelty would STOP if that were to happen. Eye for an eye, I say!!! I pray this heartless human is thrown right back in jail, to say the least!!!!


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