VeganWALL is an ambitious project officially launched on February 2015 with an ultimate goal: become the biggest meeting point for vegans by creating something new and useful that could spread veganism attitude and help us in our daily lives.

It all started with the idea of creating a website related to vegan topics, where vegans would be able to share opinions and develop ideas. We always find something vegan related (recipes, restaurants, shop…) that we would love to share with our friends. VeganWALL is the right place where this kind of things can happen daily. Brick after brick, we can all contribute to build up a leading vegan community.

We are a small group of enthusiasts who believe that vegan-friendly lifestyle contributes to building a more conscious world. We find this ideology to be worth promoting and endorsing. That is why we decided to play an active role and develop VW. This is a place built from users. Our role is to help members enjoy the platform and make it as pleasant as possible.

Who can join? No matter what your motives are; whether you are a fighter for animal rights and their ethical treatment, whether you want do adopt vegan diet because of health concerns, or if you want to protect our planet from harmful human influence, we support your ideas and lifestyle. That is the reason why we developed VeganWALL; to gather all the people around the world sharing the same passion as we do in one central place.

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