How To Safely Remove A Mouse From A Glue Trap

I’m sure you already know but glue traps are used to catch mice and rats, mostly any kind of wild rodent. Like the video says, look for vegetable oil or baby oil. If you are a compassionate shopper, be sure not to buy any products that are tested on animals.

Here is another video where the rat was not so lucky. Per the video it says they shot the rat! 😦

Glue Traps are inhumane and do not discriminate with their victims — small pets even kids can get stuck to them. These are barbaric contraptions that should be banned across the board.

I support the humane views of Catseye on the use of glue traps. Great information here.

Have you heard about Raticator? Apparently, it is the most humane way via death to deal with rodent control.

Check out Havahart for humane solutions and live traps.


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