The Super Bowl Ad Pepsi Doesn’t Want You To See

Last night we took our campaign on palm oil laggard PepsiCo to the streets of San Francisco––the epicenter of Super Bowl 50. The RAN team exposed what PepsiCo is really sponsoring––rainforest destruction for Conflict Palm Oil––on major landmarks across this city.

With the Pepsi-branded halftime show at the 2016 Super Bowl, Pepsi is spending millions of dollars trying to market itself as a cool, hip and iconic brand. We know just how out of date PepsiCo’s policies are. We’re not buying PepsiCo’s spin––and we need your help to make sure Pepsi’s potential customers don’t either.

We know that critical forests are still falling; carbon-rich peatlands are still burning. We know that communities’ land and livelihoods are still under attack. We know that workers are still abused, cheated out of fair pay and benefits, exposed to toxic chemicals, forced to bring their children and spouses to work and sometimes enslaved. We know that globally important ecosystems are being destroyed right before our eyes.

All for cheap Conflict Palm Oil.

PepsiCo is the largest globally distributed snack food company in the world and uses hundreds of thousands of tons of palm oil in its products each year. After two years of campaigning, this snack food giant has still not adequately addressed its Conflict Palm Oil problem. With your help, we won’t let PepsiCo get away with this.

Join us as we demand more from PepsiCo! Here’s a few quick actions you can take to jam PepsiCo’s Super Bowl marketing push right now.


Protest Pepsi on Facebook




2 thoughts on “The Super Bowl Ad Pepsi Doesn’t Want You To See

  1. Ever see the diet versions cooked? The crud the non sugar gives off is so much worse. I drink what I want but barely soda. Normally just water and a drink called body armor that has what many would this is an amazing amount of potassium. It is great for me as I need extra:):):)

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    1. No I haven’t, but I have seen videos about Coke and that you can use it to clean car batteries & other stuff smh..I really need to stop drinking this stuff.


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