Guest Post: Love Animals? Don’t Eat Them!

by Cassie Mayer

Nearly half of all American households have pets. Clearly, we love animals. However, at the same time, each year over 56 billion animals are killed for food. People treat their cats and dogs like our children, and eat cows, chickens, and pigs for dinner. It is complete hypocrisy.

Animals in the meat, egg, and dairy industries endure extreme suffering and pain. They are kept in small cages, or crowded warehouses, covered in their own feces. It is sick how efficient we have become at killing. In the second it takes you to read this, over 3,000 animals have been killed without a second thought.

Even if the animal was treated perfectly well, up until the moment they were slaughtered, does that make it right? Is it okay to kill an animal who doesn’t want to die when you can survive perfectly fine without eating animal products? The definition of humane is “having compassion of benevolence.” Humane slaughter is a complete oxymoron. After seeing all of the footage of animals before slaughter, seeing them struggle up until the moment of their death, you may never forget it.

Please see the links below for more information on animal agriculture, veganism, and how you can make a difference. Be a hero for animals, go vegan!

Resources & Information:

Factory Farms
Free Vegan Starter Kit
Sympathy at Slaughter


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Cassie Mayer is an animal advocate and vegan. She works to raise awareness via her Instagram page and blog at Kindness Over Cruelty



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