Miranda Lambert Is No Animal Lover As She Claims

This post is to rebuke the article posted by The Dodo on February 13, 2016.

Miranda Lambert has been exposed by SHARK Online, The Animal Liberation Front as well as the media for her involvement in activities and support of events that contribute to animal cruelty; namely playing concerts at rodeos, hunting deer and gator and wearing fur.

Although she may do some good, the fact remains that her whole heart is not in the game as many of her actions are unethical and violate the title of animal lover. Her actions that support animal cruelty are deceitful and contradictory to the general public and her die-hard fans.

I realize no one is perfect but if you call yourself an animal lover, you should be extending your circle of compassion to include ALL animals, not just certain animals.

Miranda Lambert Animal Abuser and Animal Killer

Miranda Lambert Slammed For Flaunting Fur Coat 1

Miranda Lambert Slammed For Flaunting Fur Coat 2

Proclaimed Animal Activist Murders Animal

Ask Pedigree USA to Stop Partnering with Miranda Lambert Who Hurts Animals

Troy Gentry Apologizes  – Miranda Lambert Exposed (5th post)

Miranda Lambert The Cruel White Liar (video near bottom)

Cheyenne Frontier Days hires thrill-killers Troy Lee Gentry, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton to perform




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