#FeelFreeFriday ~ 69


Animals on fur farms sustain many horrendous injuries, as they are confined to tiny metal cages that don’t meet any of their natural needs.

These fur-bearing animals are seen as “commodities” and as long as farmers can harvest fur from them, farmers don’t care about the pain and suffering of these creatures.

This video shows Hansel & Gretel, two disabled foxes who were rescued from a Polish fur farm by the organisation, Otwarte Klatki.

It is only because they are disabled that they could legally be removed and be spared a brutal death.   

You will see how happy they are to be free and feel sand for the first time in their lives.


Read the full story  @ http://www.furfreealliance.com/two-fox-cubs-five-paws/

Dedicated to all nonhuman animals kept in captivity and killed for human greed.

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