Complacency Kills

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10 Ways to Help End Pet Homelessness

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100 Ways to Change the World for Animals



9 thoughts on “Complacency Kills

  1. I have just returned from a short stay in Sri Lanka… dismayed, shocked and pissed off…
    Thousands of dogs, strays and not, left to their fate. Many skinny and full of ticks and fleas, other with the scab or some with the full coat full of purulent crusts… skeletons that were dragging with fatigue their legs.
    And the tourists turn their faces, the government pretends to deal with… but nobody takes care of them! I struggled to restrain myself…

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    1. Claudine, I’m so sorry to hear about this. I know I wouldn’t be able to handle it either, wanting to take home every stray. It’s such a shame how some countries are, even if underdeveloped, it should still be a priority to implement animal welfare regulations and humane treatment to care for these animals. My heart goes out to you and them. ❤

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      1. Thank you dearest! One day, I hope to became a well know writer… 😉 and I’ll use my money in the right way: for the homeless kids and for the stray animals… have a lovely week :-)claudine


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