Update on opossum rescued by animal control after being struck with arrows

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An opossum in California is fighting to survive after literally becoming the target of someone’s twisted cruelty. On Friday, Riverside County Animal Services released information about the abused opossum who was found with two arrows protruding from its body.

The agency wrote, “The officer found the animal in a western section of Riverside and was surprised to discover it was still alive, despite two cross-bow arrows that had struck it. The animal was located near Hole and Jones avenues in Riverside’s La Sierra neighborhood.” Officer Jennifer Selter rushed the wounded opossum to the Western Riverside County/City Animal Shelter in Jarupa Valley and a veterinarian immediately prepped the animal for life-saving surgery.

The agency described the injuries sustained, “One arrow penetrated the animal near its right eye and followed through the other side of its head. The second arrow went through its right side and also penetrated the other side of…

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One thought on “Update on opossum rescued by animal control after being struck with arrows

  1. That’s sick. It looked like the head strike is forward of the brain and the opossum was clearly trying to remove the side shot. I knew some people who had one as a pet and when very young people that kept Raccoons. They are both very misunderstood. I saved a Raccoon about 20 years ago when running outside my house. A car hit and ran it, definitely on purpose. I nursed it back to health for a week I think. It would surface near my house at night and I ran on the street and he used to come up to me often. I did see him once with a female and 2 babies, he came up the others were afraid.

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