3 thoughts on “Swedes flipper out at dolphin dissection on TV

  1. hi, Stacey, i wanted to add your Name, your blog, to an Award i got … but i do not know, how to handle this Award – Which widget should I use … do you know that Procedere? i am ashamed but there are some Awards – i never brought into daylight – because i am not able to handle them … thy
    annamaria Curi56blog

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    1. Hello! You could add it 2 ways…the text widget or the image widget. For the text widget, upload the image to your media. I use html code that includes the image, opens in a new window & links to a related page. For the image widget, upload the image to your media, then copy the url address of the image and paste this in the image url. The only downside to this is that linking to a related page will not open in a new window. I hope I have helped & did not confuse you. 🙂 If i haven’t answered your question or misunderstood let me know.

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