Social Workers for Animals

Sinem Ketenci experienced academic discrimination when she wrote a paper on ethical veganism that examined the intersections of human and nonhuman inequality. Sinem, an immigrant from Turkey, was labeled “very racist and inhuman” because of her research. Her academic career was soon sabotaged, and she took her university to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario on grounds of academic discrimination based on the her beliefs of ethical veganism.

Ketenci founded the organization Social Workers for Animals (SWA). SWA is a Canadian Registered Charity dedicated to creating public awareness about animal issues, preventing the abuse and killing of animals, and forming effective relationships between humans and animals using social work ethics and values.

SWA offers a free thirty minute consultation to students and professionals who feel they are discriminated, marginalized, and criminalized because of their beliefs in animal protection and veganism.

They also offer six weeks of free vegan coaching to assist people who find it challenging to transition to a vegan lifestyle. Currently, SWA has drafted an online petition to the National Association of Social Workers to include the word “species” into the Social Work Code of Ethics.

For more information about SWA, visit their website.


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