Inside an Animal’s Skin – A Mind-Blowing Experience

Animalista Untamed

This recently landed on my Inbox mat! It is truly groundbreaking stuff and offers hope that new technology will have a huge impact on the already gathering momentum for Animal Rights. If people can experience what it is like to be in an animal’s skin, they will gain empathy and make the connection. It’s very very exciting.

c8e8a998-66ce-4447-9148-702902e117d4Where do the millions of animals we consume live?

Pam, I’m happy to announce that Animal Equality‘s unique virtual reality experience into the lives of farmed animals will be launched internationally on March 1st. Check your email that day. You will be one of the first people to receive information about the launch. For the moment, I want to send you this sneak peak.


I have watched, read and taught about animal suffering in factory farms before. I knew it was bad in factory farms in the US, England, Europe, China and Latin America…

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