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A cautionary warning to the public regarding a Celine Ashley Broecker who lives in Haslet, Texas; Celine Broecker as many know thus far is responsible for the death of Tumbleweed back in 2014. According to our friends at the “Texan Advocate”, they received confirmation that Ms. Broecker has her Texas limited sales, excise and use tax permit. Unfortunately, this information came two days after the article warning about Celine, which the Texan Advocate did make corrections too.
However, even though this permit is registered with her “Affordable Groomer” business she still lacks the following to run this business out of her parents home:
DBA (Do Business As)
Groomers License and Certificate
Again, Celine has no prior education when it comes to “grooming”. Evidence of that comes from a client who made a statement pertaining to the service received.
NodbaYet our main…

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