Feedback Wanted

Hey all! First thank you to my followers who I’ve managed to keep 🙂 and thank you to my new followers for your interest and support of my work.

In this post I want to get some feedback on my flyers, my designs and highlight some of the issues as to why they don’t garner much support from others like myself.

When I share new flyers to social media, I do get a lot of support in the form of likes but it is very rare that someone will actually submit an order.

There was a time when I offered free sample packs but after awhile decided to discontinue these as the (free) shipping fees started to add up.

In addition to providing a service to the public I hand out these flyers too, most definitely. I always keep a good supply in my handbag and never leave a place of business without leaving one behind–somewhere.

If I patronize a business and leave without doing anything, what kind of difference am I going to make? Zero! Nothing will change.

If you leave a flyer, in most cases the person who finds it will read it but the question is what will they do next?

You have a 50/50 chance of creating a ‘spark of compassion’ with people, so why not try? What do you have to lose?

While I do charge a fee for my flyers of .25 each, I do donate 75% of the proceeds to animal advocacy groups.

When you order, not only are you helping to spread the message of compassion in your local community but you also help support a variety of reputable groups working to help animals.

I know that the ordering form is not the best and that it is a lengthy process, if you have any questions please do ask, I’m here to help.

If you have any constructive comments to share about my flyers and/or this type of community outreach, I would love to hear from you.



5 thoughts on “Feedback Wanted

  1. OK, I guess I got a few new people looking at you the last few days. I have had a worse instance on Social media and that I link to 5 sites, I may get 5 likes to ten a week on, of all places Linkedin for a poem. Not even training. So, you getting some likes on social media is good. IDK if you put in the post please like this to make a difference or not. if you do not I would suggest it. I think here you are not in front of enough people. I have gotten 1 gig with 5000 posts because I barely have anyone local to me. Your flyers are different and I will promote you on my blog as I know it will help some.

    A suggestion is to get a Youtube page. I have one and have never done a video before but I will after I get a decent mic and figure it out and hopefully the round table attack last night in home will not end up in me being on the streets in 6 weeks. If you get a page I would do a quick video, visit a lot of other people with general search terms and put your flyer in the video and ask for likes and add your WP acct and social media. That will definitely help.

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  2. I love your flyers Stacey Ann, and would definitely order some from you if I lived in the States. I’ve just received an order of some from Viva here in the UK. Yesterday I slipped a couple inside new books in a bookshop😀 I really hope you get some orders and people start leaving them around where they can be seen x

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