DogsInDanger: Tobby Has 2 Days Left!

Tobby has 2 days left! Please help!

Poor Tobby has been waiting 3 weeks in the shelter with a broken leg! Despite his painful injury, volunteers describe him as sweet and friendly. He is urgent and in danger of being killed unless someone comes forward to save him.

A heartbreaking video of Tobby can be found with his description here. Tobby is at Miami Dade Animal Services in Florida. His ID number is A1759472. Please don’t turn your back on him. Sometimes, the only thing between life and death is You.

You can also follow his discussion thread on the Urgent Dogs of Miami Facebook Page.

If you can help Tobby, please contact the Miami shelter directly at 305-884-1101 or

1.5 million dogs are killed in shelters every year in this country. Thousands are killed every day. DogsInDanger is a free service to help save lives.



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