Buffalo Is Back, But…



The Guardian story below captures vividly the meaning of the law of unintended consequences that sometimes governs in cases of conservation:

The American bison once faced extinction – now they’re being culled. Native American photographer Joe Whittle attends a hunt held by tribal members

by Joe Whittle at Yellowstone National Park

Every winter the small town of Gardiner, Montana, welcomes Native American tribal members from around the Inland Northwest. Hospitality businesses are happy to see them arrive during the off-season, but they’re not the only ones – ranchers are thrilled.

The tribal members are there to hunt American bison (or buffalo) that wander out of Yellowstone national park to find forage during winter. Bison are naturally migrating animals, and as the frozen snows of winter make finding sustenance difficult and competitive, herds start to head to lower elevations to seek sufficient feed.

The north entrance of…

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3 thoughts on “Buffalo Is Back, But…

  1. Plus the park service themselves cull the buffalo to appease the ranchers. They do it every year in secret. This explains why the buffalo are hostile to humans. I hear the cull is barbaric and is rarely photographed. I was just there before winter and it appalls me to think of them being slaughtered in the harsh winter.

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