Watched Blackfish? You may want to watch Cowspiracy too

Laura Marrianne

An awakeningdocumentary challenging everything you know.

My boyfriend and I sat down to watch Cowspirasy on Netflix, Idid not expect to feel so strongly about the lack of sustainability inthe animal industry. This documentary, with executive producer Leonardo DiCaprio, made me completely question everything I had been told and even the way I had been raised by my parents. Almost everyone has seen Blackfish and they were shocked at what was documented behind the scenes of Seaworld, forcing them to open their hearts to Tilikum and the whale’s tragic story. If we can all feel compassion towards such a big, beautiful animalsuchas Tilikum, then are we not curious about whatelse happens behind the scenes of other industries?

Kip Anderson led us through a world we had never seen before, highlighting the harrowing story behind our meat industry. He took a different approach when creating this thought provoking short

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