Plea for Orangutans at Easter

Reading labels is a great habit to get into so that you know what you’re putting into your body and how what you’re consuming can affect the welfare of others.  Palm oil is used in a wide range of products and causes devastating consequences for wildlife and the environment. Please be sure to take time and check your products for Palm Oil — if it is listed try to buy another brand. You could also go on social media and protest to the company about their acceptance of Palm Oil in their products.

More resources on Palm Oil Awareness


2 thoughts on “Plea for Orangutans at Easter

  1. This is a timely warning Stacey Ann. And contacting manufacturers as well as not buying their products is the best way to let them now we do not want palm oil. Unfortunately in the UK, manufacturers are not obliged to specify ‘palm oil’. They can get away with just putting ‘vegetable oil’ on the label, so it’s impossible to tell. You have to try to get the information from forums etc.

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