What the World Needs to Hear from Philip Wollen

Making Waves Outreach is a partner with Jo Frederiks and is honored to offer some of her work through Flyers For Animal Rights which promotes (non-confrontational) activism in local communities help raise awareness.

Source: What the World Needs to Hear from Philip Wollen

Animalista Untamed

I was privileged to share this brilliant video in my post Jo Frederiks – Artist for the Animals, but it really merits – no, not just merits – demands its own stand-alone post. Please share his powerful address with your friends, dear people. It’s what the world needs to hear!

Phil’s speech at the opening of an exhibition of Jo Frederik’s art, The Animal Holocaust

Philip Wollen is someone very special. He is a big man with a big heart and most importantly he’s BIG on vision. Phil is a 59 year old Merchant Banker, OAM, Queens Birthday Honours 2005, Australian of the Year Victoria 2007 and Founder of The Winsome Constance Kindness Trust (WCKT)www.kindnesstrust.com . Phil and his partner Trix work tirelessly to help those in need and sponsor over 200 non profit organizations around the world. When Phil founded the WCKT he stated it had five…

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