The Bahama Swimming Pigs Exploited For Tourists

The Monsters Among Us

Michelle Cehn March 22, 2016

An uninhabited Caribbean island, crystal clear waters with tropical fish swimming by, and an endless supply of treats from locals and visitors. Sounds like any pig’s dreamland, right?


That’s what I thought when I stumbled upon photos of the swimming pigs on “Pig Island” and booked my honeymoon trip to the Bahamas. As a long-time lover of pigs, I thought that nothing in the world could top seeing pigs run free on their own island experiencing total liberation. I couldn’t wait.

But when my husband and I anchored our boat at pig beach, my excitement quickly faded as I had a sinking feeling that something wasn’t right. Really, a lot wasn’t right.

As I stepped off our little motor boat I was immediately greeted by a stampede of big hungry snouts desperate for food. I threw my open palms in the air signaling to them…

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4 thoughts on “The Bahama Swimming Pigs Exploited For Tourists

  1. Terribly sad. The swimming pigs are of course famous, and are always portrayed as if they have an idyllic life. Things involving nonhumans and humans are rarely as good as they seem on the face of it, particularly where there is money involved. Which is nearly always the case:(

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