Compassionate Action 4/6



Compassion Over Killing
was formed in 1995 and advocates against factory farms and promotes vegetarian eating. While it welcomes those who are interested in animal welfare who eat meat, the group encourages a transition to a plant-based diet, even if gradual or part-time. More



7 thoughts on “Compassionate Action 4/6

  1. Being I can talk here, unless if these two wrote down every person I wrote to, I should be OK here. My sister is not only kicking me out after a couple of years ago bed ridden from a severe accident, she sold off my belongings and took money from me, a lot. She has me down to 2 weeks and now said she is moving and I will have to deal with the landlord, which is interesting as the ll doesn’t pay electricity and I am way behind on bills. She also said she will take a 1 br if she has to with 2 8 soon to be 9 year olds anywhere ASAP and give Daphne to someone who works at a rescue. I have worked at no kill rescues. There is normally a timeframe before they are shipped out to a kill shelter and being she barks often, unless around me, is partially blind and now howls it is imminent that she will be put down in a few weeks.


      1. She actually screams at me and calls me toxic. Any chance of making money she took away by being home 2 hours late, then my accident where she thought I was ok and did not believe I was not and it took 2 years to be just OK. Her taking the kids out of my care does little for me now as the temp places I work at are dry until the Fall. o, I am wo a car, would need someone to lie and say I worked for them, no way to get a truck, rooms are expensive too and I would have to store stuff after throwing 1/3rd of my life away being mother’s stuff, my awards, memorabilia and then my sister threw out 1/3rd bc I did not help with a flood after having an stained enema and 3 mis and now she is moving asap and making me deal with the landlord. I have to find out tomorrow if the landlord can refuse to keep the gas on and I believe the electricity is in my sister’s name, which would mean I would have to get her to turn it on until she gets me evicted. If I gambled and made 5k I would have enough but I have all but run out of money. I did a gig I get small pay for in 2 weeks and another also for small money that I have to deliver by Friday. I have a potential client. If she starts, I will be caught up. If not I am several hundred behind. This really sucks. I slept almost all day Sunday and much of yesterday. I am surprised I am not asleep now as I took meds hours ago. I do need to be somewhat functional. I have my father’s side and we don’t talk and my mother’s extended either passed, live far away or we haven’t talked in a decade.

        She should be more ashamed. What is worse is she is teaching her daughter to be a snob. Both are autistic and will spend a lot of time in the principal’s office.


      2. I’m so sorry to hear this Paul! I only hope things will get better for you very soon!! Thinking of you during this difficult time! 🙏♥️


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