The Hartz Files 4/12



Hartz products are toxic, lethal and are sold everywhere!! Check just about any store and you’ll find them! Walmart, Target, Big Lots, Giant, etc. These products are heinous and a threat to animal health that need to be banned! Please help educate unwary pet owners about the harm they can do. Many pets have seizures and many pets die! Each animal is different.

Please consider ordering flyers with the logo, shown above, to help spread the word in your community. Flyers are .25 each with 75% of the proceeds from each order donated to animal advocacy groups

Protest Hartz products on Facebook or Twitter

3 thoughts on “The Hartz Files 4/12

  1. Anti-freeze is a problem in the UK and unfortunately poisoning isn’t always done accidently ( I’ve read about some sick and evil individuals who have actually fed this to cats with intent on killing them). x

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    1. Thanks for the comment. I am not surprised. These are more good reasons to keep cats inside as some people view them as pests and will do anything to get rid of the problem.

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