The Hartz Files 4/26



Hartz products are toxic, lethal and are sold everywhere!! Check just about any store and you’ll find them! Walmart, Target, Big Lots, Giant, etc. These products are heinous and a threat to animal health that need to be banned! Please help educate unwary pet owners about the harm they can do. Many pets have seizures and many pets die! Each animal is different.

Please consider ordering flyers with the logo, shown above, to help spread the word in your community. Flyers are .25 each with 100% of the proceeds donated to animal advocacy groups

Protest Hartz products on Facebook or Twitter

One thought on “The Hartz Files 4/26

  1. I have never responded to these as I knew the same thing. My dogs got actual quality food and proper flea and tic care and I avoided Hartz. 10 plus for a 3 pound bag as opposed to well get that 20 pound bag at Costco. My sister and her husband their dogs crap. When we moved here I bought the more expensive stuff. The dogs coats shined, they never needed a bath and they got more French baths and they were very able. After my accident 4 years ago I was barely able to do anything. Never asked, hey do you need anything from the food store?I would walk there and back and carried 10 pounds of food home for them and far less for me every few days. I would point out the information on the label and it went right over her head. I was not walking well and barely doing anything. When I started seeing those huge sacks again, I sad you can’t feed this to them. Well I am not going to pay for the crap you (meaning me) got and I asked my ex husband and said I bought shit. Mind you his average pet doesn’t make it to 9 and he is a bit slow with some things.He currently lives in the sticks and lets the dogs out for hours a day with 2-3 collars on and other similar stuff like the powders, I just SMH.

    I should be OK to comment here, though they have been in my room I am pretty sure. I am getting a wireless web cam as I have a deadbolt and with the exception of the last two days I have taken pics of everything in my room and the basement. She let the kids in 2 weeks ago before I got the deadbolt and certain things did not get put back right and I noticed it today but yesterday I was only out 12 minutes and she works. I got my get out from an atty papers which mean nothing, this is just the foreplay. She said 2.5 weeks ago she was leaving, which I had great ideas. This atty letter may be to ensure she gets her security back when I said I would certainly let the ll see everything in my room, just tell me. Then I get this crap letter and no signs of anyone moving anything downstairs. For some reason they keep messing with the deadbolt. Mine is tight and took no power tools and 5 minutes and I never did one and it took then 2 plus hours and keep dabbling like it would stop anyone. The two doors are basically drywall and if I was going to want in I would get in. When you noticed I went private it was bc I saw a 20 view spike with no likes and only 1 viewer for the day.That has been the MO and the case against me came with an apology regarding the whole thing. My sister has not even considered an apology bc now she is in bed with him. She will know real shortly who the one to avoid. How she couldn’t see the obvious reminds me of the Hartz victims as well as the dog food makers.

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