WARNING- Tennis Ball Bombs Found Nationwide 4 of July

Cecils Pride

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Please share this to someone who has a dog. Their pets’ lives may depend on it.

This fourth of July week, DO NOT LET YOUR DOGS GO NEAR ANY TENNIS BALLS OR ANY SMALL OBJECTS THAT IS BIGGER THAN A FIST. Every year there has been a few reports of dog deaths and injuries due to hooligans putting fireworks inside tennis balls and leaving them around dog park areas. These reports aren’t limited to just one state but to almost every state in America. The fact that fireworks are very small, some people could easily conceal it inside a tennis ball and include an ingniter activated by compression such that it will explode upon a dog chewing on it. As of the ‘drop off’ nature, offenders can be far away when the tennis balls explode and no one would be able to identify the offender.

It is horrible that some people are out there causing deliberate

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