Toronto Chicken Save



Toronto Pig Save has two other divisions, Toronto Cow Save and Toronto Chicken Save. They hold several vigils weekly in Canada at area slaughterhouses. This horrific photo was taken during the most recent event at a chicken slaughterhouse.

How do you feel about chickens? What is your point of view?

I would like to address two issues.

We do not need to eat animals. Most of us grew up in a meat-eating family, myself included. Our society and culture is the way it is only because this is what we’ve learned to accept as normal. This is what we have learned from our parents, their parents, etc and we have been conditioned to think that eating meat is a normal part of life. If we object to this and see things differently, we can choose to take the path less traveled. We don’t need to follow the crowd just because everyone is doing it. It is okay to branch out and be different – diversity makes the world interesting. Also, if the majority is going one way, it is wise to go another way.

I think more people need to realize that chickens are no different than a dog or cat and that it is an absolute atrocity what we do to them and other (farm) animals raised for human consumption – fish and other sea life included. Chickens are the most abused animal on the planet and here it is legal for these animals to suffer to death in slaughterhouses across the world. Chickens, rabbits and sea life are not protected under the Humane Slaughter Act.

Source | Toronto Pig Save | UPC on Chickens | Normal and Natural

Federal Laws That Are Supposed to Protect | Humane Slaughter Act




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