Moving Forward

I’m sure everyone has noticed that this blog has been quiet and inactive lately. The reason? I’ve been contemplating some changes moving forward and I’m ready to announce those now.

Moving forward, the blog at Making Waves Outreach will cease operation permanently as of now and will be transferred to my blog at Awareness Helps for continued operation.

I do want to note that the Making Waves Outreach website will remain an active resource, providing the public with easy activism materials to help spread the world; and to reiterate — 100% of proceeds from these orders are donated to animal advocacy groups.

I appreciate each and every one of you as a follower, friend and supporter of my efforts – without you there is nothing. To have the support of others means so much — it is a driving factor for the blogging community.

I hope you will visit the new site and continue to support my efforts via my blog at Awareness Helps. Thank you for reading and again for your continued support.



2 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Dear Madam/Sir,
    I am currently operating a small business that is catered and dedicated to all the animals all over the world. A gross case of animal cruelty is continuously growing every day by the second and Federal Laws do not Protect them, they are being tortured, abused, and killed, crying in pain, hearts beating a hundred miles a minute out of fear with no voice to express their emotions. I would love for your company to consider sponsoring us, I love your company and everything it stands for you are one remarkable soul, we have some very compassionate employees who are willing to do whatever it takes in the community and speak for the voiceless.
    Your contribution of flyers would help and give us a great start on spreading the spreading the word about veganism and animal rights and cruelty . We are willing to advertise your company on our website, social media pages and also our leaflets, my heart’s desire and purpose in life is to help and serve the helpless and I humbly ask for your contribution.
    If you might be interested in sponsoring our team at any of the levels mentioned above, please contact me to discuss the details further. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Sincerely,
    Vegans Prema & Co.

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