Helpful Guide

You can leave flyers in any public place, it’s super easy!

Feel free to use the following examples as a guide:

Restrooms These are of course everywhere! Keep them in mind wherever you go! Look for any semi-wide flat surface or if there is a crevice between the stall wall and toilet paper holder, just fold flyer and insert. Using the silver shelf above the sink in Target stores is an option too.

Any Bulletin Board/Magnetic Boards You may have to make room & do some rearranging as things tend to get messy.

Plastic Brochure Holders Look for these at gas stations around the pump, if it’s not empty just insert flyer in the front; also look for them on counters in stores, etc.

In Store Aisle Walmart, Target, Giant, Weis, Harris Teeter, etc – leave a flyer with actual food item in grocery or related food product i.e. tupperware storage, plastic containers, etc.

Natural Food Stores Most have a free-for-the-taking information area at the entrance, leave some flyers to add to the mix.

Restaurant Table Hide in with condiments if possible or leave on your seat.

Gift Card Slots Walmart, Lowe’s, at most stores. Target & Kohl’s in or around checkout lane.

Magazine Stands The one I’m referring to I saw in a Giant in the natural foods aisle.

Movie Theatre When you leave, leave a flyer in the cup holder.

Checkout Lane When you’re wrapping up your shopping creative, always look for a possible spot.

Bench or Shopping Basket

Shopping Cart Insert under seat flap with flyer partially exposed.

USPS (Blue) Mailbox (they won’t be expecting that!)

Any Waiting Room (Doctor, Dentist, Eye, ER) Grab a book or magazine and insert some flyers!

Locker Room Like to work out? Leave a flyer on a bench or counter before you start or after you’re done..or both!

Metro Subway or Train Leave a flyer on your seat or insert between the seats.

Plane Grab the Sky Mall book and insert a flyer or two. Also, if you’re an animal rights activist bring a book (that you’re done with) from your favorite animal advocacy group to leave and educate others.

Thrift Stores Especially those that are animal related, operate to help fund animal shelters, humane societies, etc. Leave on a shelf or counter while shopping if you can or leave by the register.