Help inspire compassion in your community!

Flyers For Animal Rights is a

Project of Making Waves Outreach

I provide a service to the public and welcome activists to purchase a variety of flyers created to help raise awareness in local communities. These flyers mainly focus on animals as food but other issues are addressed too. I always keep a good supply on hand for daily activism no matter where I go.

Activism is my rent

  • Premium Flyers:
    Vivid color on high gloss stock – 25Âą per piece
  • PDF Flyers:
    PDF computer file of design – Free – all you need is a color printer & paper cutter
SHIPPING / Free to all U.S. Residents. If you are out of state, please consider ordering my PDF Flyers.
PROCEEDS / 100% of proceeds from each order are donated to animal advocacy groups. List of Animal Advocacy Groups
EXAMPLES / If you need help getting started or are curious as to how you should give these out, see my guide for ideas.
FLYER GALLERY: Browse a showcase of all flyer designs available!
DONATIONS: Donations are made immediately after the order is received. A copy of the receipt will be posted for reference. View donations here.