Monster Hired to Run Philadelphia’s Animal Shelter

The Monsters Among Us

Vincent Medley, who abused and tortured dogs at San Antonio Animal Care, has now been selected to run Philadelphia’s animal shelter

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After his appointment to Philadelphia he was asked but declined to respond to an online accusation of  “blatant cruelty” as dogs were removed from a hoarder’s house in 2013, saying he didn’t recall it.

the following is an article regarding his appointment as leader of  Philadelphia’s ACCT taken from here


“The fourth leader since 2007 of the Animal Care and Control Team, Philadelphia’s animal shelter, will be Vincent Medley, who has been assistant director of animal care services for San Antonio, Texas, for seven years.

He succeeds Sue Cosby, who left in March. Medley starts Nov. 2.

Even before Cosby’s departure, the city began a national search, which has taken about eight…

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