Eggs from Backyard Chickens?

Hi Everyone!

Usually I do my reviews on Wednesdays, BUT I just watched a great video from Bite Size Veganon Youtube, she always has very informative videos up and I have learnt so much from her!

Recently I have heard of the term ” Veggan” which I guess means Vegans who eat eggs….


The reason they eat eggs is because they believe the eggs are produced ethically and the Chickens are well taken care of…  I think maybe a couple of years ago I would have been interested in “ethical eggs” or even eating them, but since then I have learnt to not take things that do not belong to me…

that might sound harsh to some of you who do eat eggs, I mean no disrespect… since I am assuming you are just not informed like me from 5 or so years ago… so this video is for…

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