36 Hours Without Water | Draw My Life

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Source Bite Size Vegan

Today I am born.

In three days parts of me will be cut off.

In six months I’ll be dead.

On my way to meet my killers, I’ll travel with my family for 36 hours without water.

Some of us will die in the heat before we arrive. Die too early to be killed.

Have you ever been thirsty?

I’m hungry. I’m trying to get to my mother for milk. We all are.

My brothers and sisters all trying to eat. There isn’t much room. The bars get in the way.

Momma can’t move much but she sings to us while we eat. That’s my favorite, when she sings.

At night my brothers and sisters try to get as close to her as we can but we can’t reach her. We huddle together. The red light keeps us warm. But it’s not Momma.

Day three and…

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