What Happens When We Stop Trying to ‘Justify’ Eating One Animal and Loving Another

Life or Lunch?

Piglets131-1200x684Julia the pig was expected to go into labor the following week, so the farm manager wanted to move her from the crate where she spent her pregnancy to the slightly larger crate where she would give birth. Julia couldn’t walk, and so the farm manager dragged an electric shock prod up and down her back, trying to force her to stand.

A worker took out his phone and recorded Julia’s screams of pain and terror, and then he reported the manager to the local police. The police called the local animal shelter, and the shelter called Farm Sanctuary, where I work as policy director. The next morning, we showed up at the farm with the police, and we rescued Julia.

That night, Julia went into labor in our hospital. The next few weeks were touch and go for some of Julia’s babies, but happily, all survived and are now…

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